BPO Inner Circle

The BPO University's "BPO Inner Circle" membership site is where real estate professionals can get educated about BPO's in our virtual coaching platform that is completely self-guided, content-rich, updated and available 24x7.


The main purpose of the 'BPO Inner Circle' program is to provide proven step-by-step programs and a self-guided coaching platform that houses various ways to learn about BPO's and BPO automation software, whereby you no longer have to learn by using 'trial & error' methods. Why try to recreate the wheel when there are easy-to-follow programs available that are proven to help you achieve your desired goals? Learn More

"Nobody has more knowledge and expertise when it comes to Broker Price Opinions than Nicole Ocean. She has a broad, comprehensive view of the industry, coupled with a deep technical grasp & solid regulatory knowledge of the industry that is simply unparalleled. I'm very well connected in the real estate industry, and to the best of my knowledge she is the #1 expert on BPO's in the United States."

Tim Ventura, Owner of Tim Ventura Consulting – Known for 30 years

Nicole Ocean


BPO University


The BPO University was the very first accredited school where all real estate professionals in Washington state were able to take a 9 clock hour approved course on "Broker Price Opinion Basics 101" as well as on how to use BPO Automation AutoFill software within their BPO and REO business.


Learn from the "First Certified Real Estate Instructor" in the BPO business, Nicole Ocean. Nicole is an industry leader and expert within the Broker Price Opinion field. She is also an expert at using BPO Automation software to help real estate professionals streamline their BPO and REO business. Nicole was also the lead instructor and administrator at the BPO University. Learn More