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The BPO Automation Group is the industry leader in BPO Automation solutions, our products are trusted by thousands of BPO & REO agents and brokers nationwide.


Industry Experience: Our founder, Nicole Ocean, is a career BPO professional and was a WA state-certified real estate instructor. We've  used her firsthand industry knowledge and personal experience to incorporate industry best-practices into all our products.

Nicole is the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of the BPO Automation Group, LLC. She got started doing BPO work in September 2006. In the span of 5 years as a real estate salesperson she dedicated her time and efforts to specializing in BPO work. Having worked for over 35+ different BPO & REO companies and completing over 1,000+ BPO reports as well as leading a BPO team, she has seen and done almost everything in this business. Click here to view Nicole's resume.


Company Philosophy: BPO Automation Group's goal is to help real estate professionals grow and succeed in the BPO & REO industry. Software users truly understand the importance of eliminating the monotony of filling out online BPO & REO forms when they use BPO Automation's AutoFill software to help them save time, money and frustration. Learn More