Nicole Ocean

Visionary - Leader - Entrepreneur


It's All About The Journey!

"Nicole has been nothing but phenomenal to know. Aside from her ability to guide professionals through very complex issues like BPO's and automation with macros, her character as a person is a perfect 10. 

Anyone who ever gets a chance to meet Nicole soon realizes that this is a person who is passionate about what she does and that she also happens to be one of the most giving people you'll ever meet. To have that wrapped up in one and then be able to gain expertise from her training is priceless (which is ironic because her pricing is always so affordable!)"  

Daniel Waterman (Former CEO of NFSTI - REO Training & Nationwide Conferences - Known for 15 years)

If you sat down and talked with Nicole Ocean, you'd quickly see that she is an open book. She would easily admit to coming from very humble beginnings, to being guilty of being a serial entrepreneur and how her journey is one that is ever evolving. 

Through it all, she thrives on being challenged, wearing many different hats and leading a life of balance, being passionate about all that she does and she also has to have a life that is purpose driven.

If you could ask her, she'd say that she is trying to live her best, most authentic and purposeful life possible and is indeed very blessed!